Possessing a strong command of the English language is something that many of us often overlook the importance of. We see it as just a simple way of communicating through speech or writing from day-to-day. But if you actually sat and talked about how many millions of people would wish to be in our position as native speakers of the English language you would be surprised at how many advantages it gives us and how it puts our counterparts at a distinct disadvantage especially when it comes to working online.

For this reason once we at aberdeenseals actually realised the look that we had been blessed with in being able to easily speak and write the English language, we felt compelled to use this blessing and put it to work together with some other skills which we need to learn in order to create aberdeenseals.co.uk.

You may not like the aesthetics or even the content of our site would you simply cannot deny us the right to free speech, and it’s this right that drives us on to speak about whatever we want and when ever we want. It truly is a freedom like no other and one that you cannot get in every country in the world.

Just take a look at China for example where they have blocked truly enormous sites such as Twitter and Facebook. With their controlling government that people are stifled, and that’s not even taking into account the fact that they are born with a mother language that is not as popular among billions of people around the world as English is. Just being able to speak English instantly puts us in contact with people of many other different countries including Great Britain, Australia, Ireland, Canada and the USA. When the population of these countries are combined your outreach truly is amazing. With this in mind we see huge potential for Aberdeenseals, and although we actually a little flower in the great wide forest that is the internet, nothing is impossible if you work hard at it.

So please we welcome you to find within you to follow us on our journey of a lifetime into the wildness of the internet as we seek to claim our own spot in this 21st-century goldrush. Peace and love to all!

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